Learn and Play in the Garden

This book offers projects for each season.  From creating your own vegetable patch to playing games each activity is easy to follow with its step by step process.  This book will definitely get kids excited about going outdoors!

Math in the Garden

This book encourages using the garden as not only a science tool, but also as a math one. There are easy to follow activities that includes topics on symmetry, measurement, and geometry.

Incredible Edible Science

This book provides everything you need to teach science and literacy skills in exciting ways!  The book contains over 160 science based activities to encourage children to investigate nature.

Through the Seasons

Through the Seasons not only provides lessons on what grows in certain seasons it also includes many easy kid oriented recipes.  From certain recipes for Halloween to spring rainbow sandwiches this book has it all!

Grow It, Cook It

This book provides easy to follow instructions on how to grow seasonal plants, and also how to cook with what is growing in your garden.  It’s very kid friendly, so the whole family can get involved.

Growing Food

How do you keep children engaged in your science lesson?  The answer includes food and hands on activities!  In Growing Food teachers are presented with lesson plans and student activity sheets to teach children about food systems through using hands on activities and food.

Gardening Wizardry for Kids

In this book children are encouraged to be both inquisitive, creative, and hands on.  Gardening for Kids teaches children about the scientific aspect of gardening, but also makes it fun.  There are many craft ideas, stories, and gardening ideas to keep children engaged.

Global Gourmet

Global Gourmet presents to the readers recipes from all around the world.  It has 60 traditional recipes, entertaining ideas that talks about each culture, and it focuses on 12 regions from around the world.

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