Farm to School Funding

WNC Farm to School Jumpstart Grants

We want to help fund your farm to school project in Western North Carolina! Farm to School Jumpstart grants up to $1,000 are available for schools and organizations to engage children in the following farm to school experiences:

  • Tasting or cooking local food
  • Incorporating local food into meals or snacks
  • Farm field trips or farmer visits to classrooms/organizations
  • Growing edible gardens

Pre-k through 12 schools, homeschool groups, teacher and nutrition education programs, and community-based organizations serving children and families are eligible to apply. Schools/organizations must be located within the 23 westernmost counties of North Carolina. Funding can be used to start new projects, or to expand upon existing activities. 

Applications are due the 15th of each month through August 2022. Applications will be reviewed and awarded by the last day of each month.  Learn more and apply here.

Farm to School Mini-Grants

Please note, we are not accepting applications for the farm to school mini-grant program at this time. 

ASAP’s Growing Minds Farm to School mini-grant program connects schools throughout our 60-county Appalachian Grown region with local agriculture and gives children positive experiences with healthy fresh foods through the four components of farm to school: farm field trips, local food cooking, school gardens, and local food in school cafeterias. 

Local Food Cooking Stipends

Applications for $25 local food cooking stipends are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. You can apply for local food cooking stipends through a separate form.

What are the Farm to School Funding amounts?

  • School garden – $100
  • Farm field trip – $200 (with $100 going to hosting farm)
  • Farmer visit to classroom – $100 (to be paid to visiting farmer)
  • Cafeteria taste test – $40
  • Farm to school children’s literature – $100

What are the criteria for selection?

This funding is open to pre-K through 12th grade teachers, and members of the public working in cooperation with a school in ASAP’s 60-county Appalachian Grown region. If you’re unsure whether your school is located within our Appalachian Grown service area or you have questions about your eligibility to apply for funding, please email us at before submitting your application. We are unable to provide mini-grants to schools located outside of our 60-county service area. 

Additionally, the criteria for selection will be based on the following areas:

  • Priority given to Head Start or high percentage of students receiving subsidy and schools with high rates of free and reduced lunch
  • Proposals that plan for hands-on student experiences, and/or authentic farm experiences (please plan your activity with the idea that smaller groups make the experience better).
  • Integration of funded project into a unit of study and connection to Standard Course of Study/Common Core requirements
  • Connection with other Farm to School components (i.e. you are asking for funding for local food cooking but also plan to tie it to the school garden).
  • Priority will be given to classes that have not received this grant in the past

What is required of Farm to School Funding recipients?

After you are awarded Farm to School Funding and the activity has taken place, you are required to complete the following:

  • Complete a brief online reflection about the activity that you used the grant funds for.
  • Submit electronic pictures of the activity.
  • Submit photo permission slips (provided by ASAP) for all students in the pictures you submit. Please note that if awarded funding for your school garden, you will be required to submit photo permission forms for all of your students prior to receiving a check for your funds.
  • If you or your school includes mention of this grant in any publications or announcements, we ask that you send us a copy. We will provide a document with talking points for any publications or announcements that you do around your farm to school activity and receiving the grant.

Please note that if you choose to not fulfill the requirements, it may result in not receiving reimbursement and / or not receiving Farm to School Funding in the future.


Please feel free to contact our team at if you have questions or would like suggestions such as farms to visit, recipes to try, or tips for connecting an existing project to other farm to school components.

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