Molly’s Organic Farm

Based on a true story, Molly the cat will touch children’s hearts while introducing them to plants and the key elements of growing food organically. Standards-based science concepts and activities at the end of the book expand the message of the story.

French Fries and the Food System

This seasonal curriculum was developed on behalf of The Food Project in Lincoln and Roxbury, MA as a way to connect a diverse array of youth with urban and suburban farming and food. The learning themes are geared at seeing the fun in farming, making food and farming relevant to teenagers, linking learning to work,

Foodshed: An Edible Alberta Alphabet

“You know your doctor, you know your lawyer, you know your accountant.  Who’s your farmer?”  In this non-fiction book, author dee Hobsbawn-Smith profiles 75 growers and producers of the Canadian province Alberta to answer just that question for her neighbors and her readers.  Although these farmers are located in Alberta, anyone can read this book

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