Kids Cook 1-2-3

Kids Cook 1-2-3 is a cookbook designed specifically for children and all the recipes only require three ingredients!  It also includes how- to tips, professional chef advice and much more.

Kids Up Front Chef’s Teaching Guide

This guide is full of curriculum designed to teach children 8-12 the basics of nutrition, cooking and healthy eating.  This guide also focuses on The Food Guide Pyramid during the nutrition lessons.   It has six lesson plans, each lesson has a step by step lesson outline, class format options, materials, equipment, sample recipes, and

Learn and Play in the Garden

This book offers projects for each season.  From creating your own vegetable patch to playing games each activity is easy to follow with its step by step process.  This book will definitely get kids excited about going outdoors!

Let’s Cook with Fruits and Vegetables

In Let’s Cook with Fruits and Vegetables there are many recipes that are designed to encompass WIC ingredients.  All of the recipes are simple, affordable, and delicious.  The first part of the book is in English while the second is in Spanish.

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