3-5 grade Lesson Plans

Classroom Activity Accompanying Books Description Suggested Month
Eating in Season Food For Thought Guide students in using scientific inquiry to design a seasonal taste test and investigate what produce is grown nearby seasonally, if locally grown foods tastes better, and what other factors might play a role in flavor. Groups will graph and summarize results and the class has the opportunity to discuss benefits of seasonal meal planning and eating locally grown products. August
In a Pickle The Pickle Patch Bathtub  

Students conduct an experiment to determine what fraction of vinegar is needed to safely preserve pickles. Students will use math skills to determine volumes needed based on a ratio.

Egg Investigation An Egg is Quiet  

Students investigate different colored eggs and compare differences between farmers market and grocery store eggs.

Butter Investigation Clarabelle: Making Milk and So Much More  

Students predict how much butter will be made from different types of milk and test their hypothesis.

An Apple a Day One Green Apple  

Students learn about different varieties of apples, make apple juice, and devise their own methods of extracting juice.

Bacteria for Breakfast Germ Hunter  

Students learn the process of turning milk into yogurt by using different bacteria starts and comparing results.

Inch by Inch, Row by Row Local Farms and Sustainable Foods  

Students will determine the space needed to grow the vegetables for a soup recipe. They will then make the soup using seasonal ingredients from a local farm as an optional extension activity.


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