Growing Minds @ Market

Growing Minds @ Market


When the school year comes to a close, ASAP’s Growing Minds Farm to School Program looks ahead to supporting summer programming at farmers markets, specifically with Growing Minds @ Market activities.

Growing Minds @ Market (GM@M) is a space at a farmers market set aside for children and families so that children can engage in fun projects focused on local food and farms. In other words, it’s ASAP’s Growing Minds program at tailgates instead of schools. Activities include fresh local food tastings, local food- and farm-based arts and crafts, and physical activities and games. Contact your local farmers market to see if they offer GM@M activities.

Our GM@M manual is full of local food and farm based children’s activities perfect for the tailgate market setting and community events and settings of all kinds. In addition to helpful tips on launching a GM@M program, the manual includes local food-based crafts, tasting and cooking activities, and scavenger hunts.

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