Soil Jeopardy

Brief Description: Students use books and handouts to create game show questions about soils and then form teams and play the game. Objectives: Have students conduct research on a topic Students will form questions based on facts and information gathered from research Share researched information with the class through a fun game Challenge students to

A Handful of Dirt

Soil is every-where, and everything comes from soil! A Handful of Dirt gives students an in-depth look at how soil is formed, what it’s made of, and why it is important to all life—from microorganisms to worms to rabbits. Learn about the different jobs of microscopic creatures in the soil and discover hidden activity that’s

Wiggling Worms at Work

Worms wiggle all over the garden, tunneling through the dirt, helping plants to grow strong and healthy. This book is all about the life of a worm, from what it eats to the way it moves to the benefits it has in your garden. Students will be interested to study their slimy playground pals, and

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