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Growing Minds is a program of Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project. ASAP’s mission is to help local farms thrive, link farmers to markets and supporters, and build healthy communities through connections to local food.

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A glimpse into the creatures that build their own homes.

Nonfiction tale of a spider’s life.

A spider who loves to knit helps out their friend the bee.

A book of poems about common insects.

Twenty different insect and spider related experiments. Each experiment asks a different question about insects and/or spiders, and then offers a way to explore and answer the problem question. Some experiments are simple, whereas others require more effort to reach a solution, but all offer a fun activity for kids to do to learn about insects and spiders.

Investigate the many mighty spiders that surround us!

Sophie the spider is an artist. She spins beautiful masterpieces with her eight busy legs, but the humans she lives with don’t appreciate her art. One day she meets a human who doesn’t kick her out, and Sophie spins her a beautiful gift of thanks.

What do spiders eat? Where do spiders live? How do spiders spin webs? These questions and more are answered in this simple nonfiction look at spiders.

Readers will follow the life cycle of an arachnid and learn unique characteristics of spiders along the way!