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Growing Minds is a program of Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project. ASAP’s mission is to help local farms thrive, link farmers to markets and supporters, and build healthy communities through connections to local food.

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Children use their sense to explore apples and gain confidence in trying new fruits.


All about different kind of apples, including how they are grown and sold.

It’s fall and that can only mean one thing – time for a trip to the local farm for some apples and pumpkins!

How apples grow and what you can do with them.

All about apples in words and photographs, a great book for early readers.

One family’s journey picking apples and making applesauce.

Filled with recipes, stories, and book recommendations from children’s authors and illustrators, this book is a great resource to connect cooking with children’s literature.

A fun rhyming story full of farm animal onomatopoeia, this book is a terrific introduction to animals and the sounds they make.

A hard working bear and a lazy bunny both plant tomatoes with different results.

Children will learn about different types of fresh berries and practice their listening skills to follow instructions and make their own individual snack.