Building a kinder-“garden”

Earlier this year, ASAP’s Growing Minds program was able to award several mini-grants to school gardens in Western North Carolina thanks to funding from Roots Organic Gourmet.  As the weather warms and spring gardens start to flourish, we’ve started getting some fantastic photos and stories from the teachers who received the grants.

Mystery Veggie Tasting

The 3rd-5th grade students in the after school program at Sand Hill Venable Elementary School served as master taste detectives last week as they used their taste buds in an activity featuring local microgreens from Rise Up Rooted Farm.

Kalesadillas Taste Test

Kids at Freedom Trail Elementary in Avery County got a special treat in their school cafeteria recently: kalesadillas (say that five times fast)!

Making Cornbread: Part 2

Area teachers and ASAP’s Growing Minds team know that having students write and illustrate a story about cooking special dishes from their school garden is a great way to connect the Farm to School experience across a variety of curricula.

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