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Growing Minds is a program of Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project. ASAP’s mission is to help local farms thrive, link farmers to markets and supporters, and build healthy communities through connections to local food.

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In the eleventh volume of Foxfire, teachers, students, and other Appalachian community members continue to spread their stories to remind people that simple living still exists.  This book includes many articles that teach us creative ways to become self-sufficient, make natural homemade remedies, take part in home crafts, and cook delicious, southern meals.  Anyone interested in rediscovering the advantages of living a simple life will enjoy this read!

Foxfire 4, released in the Fall of 1977, continues to compile the best articles that inform readers on topics such as knifemaking, wood carving, gardening, fiddle making, and much more.  Anyone that has a love of the Appalachian mountains and is interested in rediscovering the advantages of living a simple life will enjoy this read!

This book is written specifically for parents to involve children in a family garden. This is a great resource that includes the basics of taking care of a garden to creating fun family garden projects.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden created this handbook to connect children with the natural outdoors through activities involving gardening. With over 40 hands-on activities divided into five chapters about the natural environment and the science of plants, this is a great resource for families and educators to get children outside.

This resource is filled with developmentally appropriate activities for pre- Kindergarten to 2nd grade children that can be incorporated as a unit on plants and seeds in a classroom’s curriculum.

This book is full of step by step projects for the garden using freshly cut wood.  It has over fifteen projects for the outdoors, and includes advice on certain techniques pertaining to green wood.

Kaboom!  is the story of Darrell Hammond, who saw a problem and decided to fix it.  The problem Hammond saw was the lack of outdoor play children were doing, so he set up a nonprofit that revitalizes old playgrounds and creates new ones to help reestablish play in children.

Sixteen chapters of written experts from professional and development experts that make the connection between science and literacy.  It also has case studies that actually shows how teachers made the connections in their classrooms.

This book brings insights and strategies through a typical day in a classroom.  It shows how the teacher uses inquiry with his students to help expand literacy and their vocabulary.

In this book you will find a wealthy of information on folklore, history, and plant knowledge.  It also contains recipes that are delicious to use the wild food which you find.