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Growing Minds is a program of Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project. ASAP’s mission is to help local farms thrive, link farmers to markets and supporters, and build healthy communities through connections to local food.

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Paul Fleischman

A collection of poems that celebrates the insect world, from the Newbery Medal winning author of Seedfolks. The poems resound with the pulse of the cicada and the drone of the honeybee. Eric Beddows′s vibrant drawings send each insect soaring, spinning, or creeping off the page in its own unique way.

A short novel for readers 10 and up, Seedfolks tells the story of a small garden in a vacant lot, told through the eyes of 13 diverse members of the community.

When drought comes to the farm, the farmer has to sell his land a move away with his three sons. He discovers that his new home has a magical hedge.

Wesley, an outcast amongst his classmates, takes on an ambitious summer project of growing his own staple crop and founding a civilization! He tills up a bit of land in his back yard and wind blows the seeds of a crop into his garden. Tall plants quickly grow and he uses every part of the plant to create clothes, food, and even ink for his own world. Sharing his innovations makes him the most popular kid in school, showing children that being different is cool after all.