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Growing Minds is a program of Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project. ASAP’s mission is to help local farms thrive, link farmers to markets and supporters, and build healthy communities through connections to local food.

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An introduction to the history of corn production, its many beautiful varieties, and the life cycle of the plant. You are sure to captured by the colorful images of this book!

If you don’t have access to a stovetop, this easy popcorn recipe can also be made in the microwave. Simply put the kernels in a brown paper lunch bag, fold over the top, and pop for 2 minutes!

Everything you ever wanted to know about popcorn, from its history in the Americas to how it became a movie theater staple!

A young girl growing up on a farm doesn’t share her father’s love of farming, but finds her own way to be helpful when she takes in a baby dragon to raise.

People have been eating popcorn for thousands of years, and many cultures today still enjoy its delicious crunch. The Popcorn Book is a story of two boys making popcorn for the first time as well as a history of popcorn itself. Both instructional and fun, it explains how to make popcorn on the stove, and includes several myths and stories.

Children plant a “popcorn” seed and wait for it to grow. The illustrations suggest ideas for acting out the growth of the corn plant.