Farm to Keiki: Cooking, Gardening and Nutrition with Children

This book makes it easy to teach children gardening, nutrition and cooking with fresh, Hawai’i grown foods. While originally written for Hawaii’s pk-3rd grade teachers, the information can be adapted for any age group or educational setting (school and home) anywhere in the world! Learn more and purchase this book here.  Learn to Teach Children:​​

Blackberry Granola Parfait

Fruit parfaits make a great class cooking activity! These individual snacks can be used to teach sequencing and practice fine motor skills. This version features local blackberries, but you could also substitute another seasonal berry or fruit, or use a mix of fruits.

Bake a Crazy Caterpillar

Bake a Crazy Caterpillar First make milk paint by dividing a can of sweetened condensed milk among four containers. Use food coloring to tint the contents of the containers different colors. Add clean paint brushes to each one.  On a foil-lined baking sheet, arrange refrigerated biscuits in the shape of a caterpillar body. Leave one

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