Blackberry Granola Parfait

Fruit parfaits make a great class cooking activity! These individual snacks can be used to teach sequencing and practice fine motor skills. This version features local blackberries, but you could also substitute another seasonal berry or fruit, or use a mix of fruits.

Blueberry & Peach Bruschetta

Bruschetta is traditionally a savory antipasto dish–or an Italian first course. This sweet kid-friendly version features fresh summer fruits (use local peaches, too, if you can find them!), plus cream cheese and honey. It makes a great snack! For a class cooking activity, provide kids with their own ingredients so they can assemble their own open-faced sandwich at their desk.

Very Berry Cream Cheese

This simple no-heat recipe is perfect for the classroom or childcare center. Make this local fruit-flavored cream cheese with your students for a tasty, healthy snack. Try the cream cheese spread on mini bagels, celery sticks, or whole grain crackers.

Berry Good Summer Smoothie

Make this smoothie with whatever fresh, local berries you have on hand. A great recipe to make after a trip to a berry patch! For a taste of summer year round, freeze local berries when they are at their peak.


Take your students on a rollicking ramble through the berry brambles! A ton of fun to read aloud, Jamberry features a boy and a friendly bear joyously romping through a fantastic berry world, and introduces a wide variety of berries that grow in our region. Read this book before a snack of local berries.

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