Meet Your Farmer: Cooperativa Tierra Fértil 

Cooperative Tierra Fértil es una cooperativa agrícola hispana, propiedad de trabajadores, en Hendersonville, Carolina del Norte. Conozca a María y Delia, miembros de la cooperativa, y escuche cómo este proyecto surgió de los sueños personales y colectivos de promover el acceso a los recursos y la capacidad de producir alimentos y estimular la justicia alimentaria y la equidad racial en el sistema alimentario y agrícola local.

Tierra Fértil Coop is a Hispanic, worker-owned farm cooperative in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Meet coop members Maria and Delia and hear how this project stemmed from personal and collective dreams of promoting access to resources and the capacity to produce food and stimulate food justice and racial equity in the local food and agricultural system.

Meet Your Farmer: Mighty Gnome Market Garden

Farmers Danielle Keeter and Mark McDonagh are co-owners of Mighty Gnome Market Garden in Waynesville, NC. They believe that a small farm can have a profound impact on their local food economy. They grow fresh, seasonal produce as sustainably as possible, all while following organic methods. Danielle explains that “everything is done by hand, we’re not riding on the back of a tractor. It’s just the two of us doing all of this. My favorite part about running the Market Garden is a toss-up between eating really great food and the community that has surrounded us here.”

Fresh Tomato Bruschetta

Bruschetta is a traditional antipasto dish–or an Italian first course. This version features ripe local cherry tomatoes, plus fresh herbs, greens, and spreadable cheese. It makes a great snack! For a no-heat classroom cooking activity, provide kids with their own ingredients so they can assemble their own open-faced sandwich at their desk.

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

This simple recipe makes a fun no-heat class cooking activity. Don’t have peppers and carrots? Substitute other produce, like halved cherry tomatoes, radish slices, or baby spinach leaves. Or offer students an assortment of fresh veggies to choose from and let them design their own sandwich.

Squash Salsa

This salsa features local summer squash, plus black beans for added protein. It could be served with whole grain tortilla chips for a snack or local food taste test, or served in tortillas or over rice for a hearty lunch.

Zucchini Coleslaw

This variation on a traditional cabbage slaw incorporates shredded zucchini and features a simple creamy dressing. Consider preparing this recipe for a local food taste test when summer squash is in season.

Blackberry Granola Parfait

Fruit parfaits make a great class cooking activity! These individual snacks can be used to teach sequencing and practice fine motor skills. This version features local blackberries, but you could also substitute another seasonal berry or fruit, or use a mix of fruits.

Blueberry & Peach Bruschetta

Bruschetta is traditionally a savory antipasto dish–or an Italian first course. This sweet kid-friendly version features fresh summer fruits (use local peaches, too, if you can find them!), plus cream cheese and honey. It makes a great snack! For a class cooking activity, provide kids with their own ingredients so they can assemble their own open-faced sandwich at their desk.

Burrito Crunch Wraps

This nutritious wraps are packed with crunchy local cabbage, veggies, beans, and cheese. They’re full of fiber, protein, and nutrients. You can add or substitute other fresh veggies you have on hand to customize this burrito for your class.

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